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28.01.2014  · Oymyakon’s lowest recorded temperature was a frigid minus 71.2 C (minus 96.16 F) back in 1924. According to The Independent, wearing glasses outdoors can.

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Day 5 – Driving Oymyakon to Khandyga with stops in Tomtor and reindeer herders’ place. Drive distance: ~514 km (according to our GPS track). Overnight in the private apartment-based hotel in Khandyga (twin-triple rooms, shared kitchen, shared WC/shower). After the sufficient breakfast (included), we leave Oymyakon family in the very early morning, at 07:00 am. On the way to Tomtor, we’ll.

What is it like to live in the coldest inhabited places on Earth? There is serious lack of media coverage of these amazing places, Yakutsk and Oymyakon. Sebastian Balders, who describes himself as the "Extreme Cold Chaser", published an amazing video shot in Yakutsk, Oymyakon and around in the.

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I’ve grown up in the western Siberia and I’ll try to sum up my experience, in no particular order: 1) Distances. As you can imagine, there are no farmlands. Land is full of rivers, swamps and thick taiga forest. As a result, scarce population is c.

33 facts about Oymyakon, or how they live at the Pole of Cold. New articles. 05.02.2019. by Addison. The final post about the January trip of my friend Vitalik. That’s how it happens, at first he didn’t want to write, and then he signed for several posts I read and understand that it is necessary for such people to conduct blogs, it painfully writes. But this is not surprising, they are all.

What It’s Like Living in the Coldest Town on Earth.

– Oymyakon sits at a 63.4608° N, 142.7858° E latitude, just a few hundred miles from the Arctic Circle. It’s dark – completely, utterly dark – for up to 21 hours a day during the winter, and.

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Oymyakon, Russia, is known as "The Pole of Cold." Here’s what it’s like to live and work in its sub-zero climate.

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Inhabitants live in an area where the temperature can reach -70С (-95F). The Pole of Cold. The valley of Oymyakon in Yakutia (northeast Russia) is known as the Pole of Cold and with average January temperatures of -50C, it is no wonder the village is the coldest permanently inhabited settlement in the world. The coldest ever temperature recorded in Oymyakon was -71.2C. This is the lowest.

Yakutsk is the gateway to Oymyakon, widely regarded as the coldest inhabited town on the planet. It takes two days to get there, traveling down a barren and isolated stretch of road. Chapple first had to hitch a ride to a halfway point on the road, where he was stranded for two days. Amos Chapple . Because cars driving in such low temperatures must be kept running at all times, gas stations.

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It is easy, perhaps even arrogant, to look at the lives of the people who live in the district of Oymyakon and think they would not live in such a physically demanding place if they knew better.

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But is it worth it to live in the coldest city in the world? The photos below document the obstacles of life in such bitter conditions (the average January temperature is a bitter -34 °Fahrenheit) as well as the strength and determination of the people who live in Oymyakon:

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STUNNING photographs have offered a glimpse of what life is like in the coldest village on Earth. Oymyakon in northeastern Russia is home to around 500 hardy souls and is located in the northeast o.